Clients commonly have similar questions about family law.  Here are the questions most often covered in consultations.

How long will my divorce take?

This depends primarily on uncertain factors such as your spouse's willingness to negotiate and to do so in a reasonable manner, but Alabama requires a 30-day cooling off period following the filing of the complaint, so --though cases rarely resolve that quickly -- that is the minimum time period.

How much will my case cost?

As services are billed hourly, and so many variables exist, it can be difficult to predict the cost of litigation and/or resolution of a family law matter.  Retainers constitute sufficient funds to begin significant work on the case, and supplements can be provided or refunds issued as necessary depending on the development of the case.

Can we use the same lawyer?

It is unethical for any lawyer to represent both sides of a case, so when you hear friends report they "used the same lawyer," what really happened is that one party went without a lawyer.  This is obviously not the recommended method.  Call for review of your "uncontested" paperwork before you sign to avoid trips and traps which can cause big problems down the road.