Civil rights in family law


Your children, your home:  They are your most precious assets.  A family law practitioner must have not only the legal knowledge but also the heart to guide you toward a new path for your changing family, and an awareness of the modern tools available to assist you.

With a firm commitment to the dignity of clients, Fann Law, LLC approaches divorce, paternity, custody, support, and other family law issues such as pre-nuptial agreements with an eye toward achieving successful solutions as quickly as circumstances allow.

Family law issues are -- at base -- the same across lines of gender, race, sexual orientation, and age: A good lawyer begins at that premise and works to employ the means necessary for the particular nuances of a client's case.

A child of divorce, and having experienced divorce as a litigant, Heather Fann understands the emotional hurdles and consequences involved in family law matters and respects the careful decision-making process in which clients must engage to ensure success as parents and individuals, and stands ready to mediate, litigate, or counsel as necessary to help a client achieve his or her goals.


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